Ivana Kupala in the storm- a night to remember!

On the eve of June 22nd Kosa invited everyone to celebrate the traditional summer solstice on the shores of Lake Ontario. An amazingly beautiful and diverse group of folk lovers arrived to our somewhat hidden and secluded spot on the beach, where a creek flowed into the lake, beside a big weeping willow tree.  Despite the erratic and apocalyptic-looking weather we managed to enjoy a wonderful night of singing, dancing and games.

Girls took shelter under the big willow where they sang and wove wreaths of wild flowers while the boys and children built a wonderful bonfire.  Everyone generously shared food, drinks and musical talents.  Once the sun went down we crowded next to the creek as the girls tossed their wreaths in the water and anxiously watched as the men waded in after them.  In the confusion pairs were eventually formed and they took turns leaping over the fire.  The atmosphere was great! Only the weather challenged us, and even the strong winds and rain didn't stop us from dancing the night away in the downpour...

Hopefully next year the sun-worshipping holiday will actually take place on a warm and sunny day! To all who came out- you are amazing! Kosa is so glad to have met so many kindred spirits interested in and appreciative of our folk roots. We had such an incredibly fun time! Thank you and see you next year!!