We're Baaaaaack

Hello everyone! Kosa has finally reunited under the starless skies of Toronto, where Stephanie would sit, waiting for the day to finally arrive. And it has! Marichka, Bozena and Oksana have all made it back safely with many stories stowed in the their luggage and on their cameras.

And... on another happy note, the money we collected through our Pysanka Workshop and other fundraisers for the Pysanka Orphange in Potelech, Ukraine was finally delivered in person by Oksana, Bozena and friends. They made the trip to Potelech to visit the children living under the care of Sister Romana and her fellow nuns and were amazed at the stunning condition of the newly renovated building.  And of course, thrilled to meet the children, who were adorable.


(Photos to be posted soon, along with information about this year's Pysanka Workshop!)

And so, this is just to let everyone know that we have already started various projects, including moving into our secret art space for our crafting! (If anyone has anything they would like to donate, an old couch, coffee table or Group of 7 original painting, we'd be much obliged!)

Pencil us into your busy lives during Lent,