this is me

I am interested in learning how to make things of beauty and value with my hands.

I am interested in the stories of the past.

I cherish the way the old, and even ancient, is preserved and brought to life in colourful ways.

I am interested in learning, practicing and understanding antiquated forms of folk art and craft:  traditional forms of embroidery, weaving, pysanka writing and bilyj holos singing... herbal healing and organic living...

If you are interested in these things as well, drop me a line! Folk culture is inclusive and it's richness comes from sharing. Please share! (comments, questions, links and advice)

a little more about me:

I completed a teaching and bachelor arts degree with a personal concentration on Canadian and Eastern European history and literature.

After graduation, I moved to Eastern Europe, first to the Czech Republic, then to Ukraine.  I lived there for two years working and exploring my roots.  I travelled as much as I could and I met and saw amazing people and places that inspired me to keep exploring.  I hiked mountains, rode trains, rode through enchanting forests and observed the folk traditions of my people, the Slavs, and fell in love with the land, its people, its spirit.

I'm mostly back in Canada now and things have shifted for me a little bit- I want to ground myself in the land here, the land where I grew up, the land that is just as full of life and tradition as "over there". And I want to connect the energy that I feel from my ancestors with our living breathing communities here. There is a lot of wisdom and beauty shared with us from the past, that can help us make Canada the place we want to be. Looking with the lens of a folklorist, an environmentalist, a 'permaculturist', an artist, a singer, a Slav, a Canadian, a woman, a traveller, a homesteader, etc ., etc., etc. at all that I see around me, I am filled with awe and gratitude and a fierce desire to make change-- for the better.

I see possibilities and I see the need to learn, share the knowledge, and together, build the village anew, and share in that joy.

 a way for me to engage in that work: