kosa melanka – Свято Меланії

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Melanka was the best way to start off the year — not to mention celebrating Oksana’s birthday that night! (that and caroling and the folk dance workshop.) I won’t write too much about it because you can read about the experience in  Justin Robertson’s article in the torontoist and in his blog!
(Thank you Justin!!!)

I would like to thank all the volunteers…
especially Bozena’s and Marichka’s mamas who worked endlessly in the kitchen to help serve and especially clean up during and after the event. Also, a special thanks to the Dashko family for their support throughout the night.

Big thanks also to:
those who helped organize, set up, serve, and clean up
the performers in the skit
the Lemon Bucket Orkestra
St Vladimir Institute and Mill St. Brewery for being so easy to work with….

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the dinner and zabava…we loved seeing your folksy outfits and enjoying your company

and thank you to my fellow kosa ladies : )

Taking a little break now to organize our next projects…
but we’ll keep you posted.

-oksana + Marichka + Steph

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One thought on “kosa melanka – Свято Меланії

  1. It was a GREAT event! Thanks Marichko, Bozheno, Oksano, Steftsiu et aliae!
    Next year charge more. It’s definitely worth it!

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